Agribusiness Career Pathways (ACP) Cadetship Program

– Pilot Program

This Tasmanian State Government funded project aims to create a link between the current formal school learning packages and the practical learning through apprenticeships/traineeships established with existing primary producers in Tasmania.

One of the priorities of the Government is to support more traineeships and apprenticeships as well as to promote vocational pathways. Our project looks to focus on the People Skills gap in both the employee and employer and how to fill it. Rural Business Tasmania is working in collaboration with representative organisations, agribusiness operators and educational and training groups to deliver and develop a pilot cadetship program for high school and college age students. This pilot will help create opportunities for those students to explore the agricultural sector by creating a better understanding between Tasmanian educators, students and their mentors with the ultimate aim of assisting individuals into apprenticeships in the agricultural and agribusiness sectors.

The Cadetship Program aims to develop a resources and a mechanism that can be employed by groups or individuals beyond the life of the program, to better engage the Agricultural sector and create opportunities for young people to explore it as a viable career choice.

For more information about this program please contact: 1300 88 3276