Learning & Extension (Rural Business Programs)

Through the provision of professional services and educational programs Rural Business Programs are proactively shaping and supporting a prosperous future for rural and regional Tasmania. Our collaboration with associations and organisations in the communities allow us to identify the needs that will support the growth and development of those currently within the industry and those that are looking to engage.

A number of our programs are supported by State Government or through grant funding and we appreciate that support as it enables us to drive the changes and proactive approach that is paramount to the success of our programs.

Rural and regional communities are the lifeblood of Tasmania. Vibrant communities ensure growth in highly skilled jobs, fundamental services and investment in critical infrastructure. Rural Business Tasmania looks to harness this through building greater business acumen in small businesses through its financial and business management expertise.

Rural Business Tasmania has a suite of programs that provide holistic proactive support to rural enterprises. Our programs don’t focus on the technical side of farming, rather the business and financial management. Through these concepts we can support rural enterprises to build capacity and capability, resilience, achieve profitability and sustainability. We establish programs that utilise the often unused skills of retired or retiring farmers to provide a listening ear, direction or sound advice. Most of our programs are developed with a mentoring or coaching element which makes them unique in its approach. 

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