About the Rural Financial Counselling Service 

Part of the national Rural Financial Counselling Program, Rural Business Tasmania’s flagship service, Rural Financial Counselling Service Tasmania, provides confidential and independent counsel to primary producers, fishermen and small rural businesses that are suffering financial hardship, and that have no alternative sources of impartial support.

The Service:   

  • Helps clients gain better understanding of their financial position;
  • Helps clients identify financial and business risk and opportunities;
  • Helps clients negotiate with lenders and creditors;
  • Gives clients information about government and their assistance schemes;
  • Refers clients to specialist service providers including accountants, agricultural advisers and educational services, succession planners, family mediation and personal counselling, and emotional and social counselling.

Areas we can assist in include:

  • Farm debt mediation
  • Cash flow forecasting analysis
  • Loan/grant applications
  • Financial negotiations
  • Business plan development
  • Viability analysis
  • Farm exit planning
  • Succession planning
  • Financial literacy
  • Small business advisory service


To be eligible for assistance under the Rural Financial Counselling Service Program you must either be:

involved directly in primary production - farming, fishing, horticulture or viticulture,


a small rural business reliant upon primary producers for income (over 75% of income) and suffering financial difficulties, with no alternative source of impartial support.

To apply for assistance

To apply for assistance please check the eligibility criteria below:

If your family enterprise:

  • Has a right or interest in land or assets used for the purposes of primary production, small business or fisheries*
  • Contributes a significant part of labour and capital to the enterprise
  •  Is registered with the Australian Taxation Office and have an ABN thus indicating you run a small business, farming or fishing enterprise
  • Is still conducting this enterprise and/or intend to continue/resume in the foreseeable future
  • Are suffering hardship at the present time


Contact one of our Rural Financial Counsellors on 1300 88 3276 during business hours to arrange an appointment