"WOW and thank you.  Your letter, support and encouragement has been absolutely amazing - it so humbling to have someone who actually cares" 

“This part of the state will grow just about anything you throw at it, either crops or animals.  But its stunning beauty has become a millstone around it owners’ necks.  They have made the tough decision to sell their own dream of paradise to save their physical and mental health.  Selling the property that they worked so hard to buy is going to be difficult for all three of the husband/wife and son farming team.  David worked as a farm contractor for more than 30 years so that the couple could afford to buy the property.  One of the big differences between us and other farmers in this district is that we didn’t inherit the farm, we had to buy it which immediately put us at a disadvantage,’ Susie said ’We are still paying off the mortgage’.  The family is relieved that they found out about Rural Business Tasmania and its counsellors who have helped guide them through the tough decisions that they have made.”

"Our Counsellor's professionalism, support and advice helped us to overcome many financial and emotional issues during the drought.  We were able to maintain our flock of breeding ewes during the drought and thus didn't have to purchase stock post drought."

"I survived drought thanks to Rural Financial Counselling Services sorting the applications.  I had difficulty in that area due to general workload…"

"Our Counsellor made us much more aware of our financial position and gave valuable direction for future projects and farm succession."

"We have accessed money from services outside of the business (from Centrelink), which came about from a RFCS Counsellor, which has enabled us to buy programs for the computer and other things we wouldn't have got without this support."

‘’I was using five to seven kilos a day of grain and a tonne of pellets a week for the young cattle.  It just got too much, the debt rose and rose – I finally crashed.  Roly, from Rural Business Tasmania, became a regular visitor as he tried to show the distressed couple that there was always a way through the biggest financial crises.  ‘’He was a lifesaver – he got us back together.  Without Roly we wouldn’t be here.’

“The Rural Financial Counselling Service is essential and should not be touched unless to increase its funding.  It is the only Government Funded program I have ever found to be useful.  This FREE financial Planning Service and sympathetic ear has saved many a farmer from the unmentionable.  This unseen side of the RFCS is as important or more for farmers and their families’ health and well-being.  This discreet service helps farmers in times of need but is unfortunately big on help and low on hype.  So many other groups are big on hype but don't deliver.  Cut them out and leave the RFCS alone.”